Going Places

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Going Places Dialogue One

Student A:
I’m so excited! We have two weeks off. What are you going to do?
Student B:
I’m not sure. I guess I’ll just stay home. Maybe I’ll catch up on my reading. What about you? Any plans?
Student A:
Well, we are going to the Olympics in Beijing. Joe can’t make it so you can have his ticket. Can you join us? Hey! And check out the Great Wall!
Student B:
Sounds great!
Student A:
It will be great to have you along. We have plenty of room.
Student B:
Thanks so much. I need to pack some things. Bye for now.
Student A:

Going Places Dialogue Two

Student A:
This year I’m taking my vacation (at) (the) (enjoying) _______________.
Student B:
That sounds exciting. What are you going to do there?
Student A:
I’m going to ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________
Student B:
Oh. That sounds wonderful. What are your preparations?
Student A:
I’m going to _______________________________________________



Student B:
Hey. That sounds more like work.
Student A:
Oh, but it’s worth it!

Beach list: bring shorts, pack a swimsuit, towel, windbreaker, suntan lotion, beach shoes
Home list: new book, paper for writing, get materials to redecorate, start a new hobby
Nature list: tent, new hiking boots, helmet, fishing pole, take horse-back riding lessons
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